Thursday, 8 December 2011

Whole lotta votin' going on

Next week sees an Extraordinary Corporate Resources Overview and Scrutiny Committee which will be invited to note the Chief Executive's Report on The Progress of the Council.
I've asked the council to clarify this bit:
"The election for police commissioners next year gives us the opportunity to run referenda at the same time. We want to show Government what is important to Cornwall:
a. Should we remove the council tax discount on second homes?
b. Should we implement a grant for higher education?
c. Should we have control over the main roads into Cornwall so that we can dual and upgrade the A30 and A38?"
Does this mean that these three policy initiatives are now in some doubt? That their progress is subject to a positive outcome in referenda? How much officer time (and taxpayers'money) is to be spent on these issues before the referenda? Or might it be that referenda on these issues in November 2012 might be simply convenient, politically, for council elections in 2013?

And are these the only policies on which the people of Cornwall are to be given a vote? What about the health service reforms? Should Cornwall have its own currency, or even apply to join the Eurozone? Suggestions, please, for other referenda questions...

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Freedom from Information?

The number of entries posted on Cornwall Council's Freedom of Information disclosure log for November: nil.

Problems with this blog

I can only apologise to readers for the failure to update this blog in recent weeks. The continuing technical difficulties, which prevent me writing this from home (in my own time, of course) have meant a few weeks out of the office = no blogging. The security boffins are studying a variety of options and I hope they'll have a fix soon.